Making Money From Advertising

Welcome to the click-click component of the Online Ignition Suite. Catch attention. Create interest. Cultivate some clicks.

Get great returns for your money!

Animated web banners and other dinkum devices of getting click throughs and traffic to your website are an industry in their own right. Using Banner Ignition is as simple as it gets! You upload or request a banner online, select what website listed best suits you and your market and book a day, a week, a month or more with a couple of quick clicks.

Our listed sites vary from smaller niche sites, to high traffic local and international sites. If it's a specific market that you are wanting to attract, then Banner Ignition is just the place for you!

There are some measurable indicators such as click-through results, conversions and website visits and stats, everything you could require to quantify your success rate on your budget spent - how heavenly!
Make some money from your website!

Banner Ignition also assists existing websites in becoming web banner hosting compliant, enabling website clients to identify Advertising Zones of specific shapes and sizes within their existing website and start generating income via their own website advertising.

Through the Banner Ignition system, web ad zones are loaded, prices set (these depend on your current website traffic), invoices generated,
web banners are easily uploaded and banner runs scheduled.

You can then just sit back, and let your site make you an income...
Login to draw your statistics for you or your advertisers, giving you measurable results and a great additional income for nearly no additional effort, that makes sense, right?