About Banner Ignition - A Component of the Ignition Suite

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Banner Ignition encompasses two parts:

1) Solutions for those who want to advertise
Through our wide range of websites that have signed up with Banner Ignition, we are able to offer our advertisers a great selection of local and international niche or high traffic web sites to advertise on.

It allows for targeted online adverting to reach a precise audience. What's more is that it's effective, affordable and measurable - a trio of factors that is rarely achieved with any other form of media or advertising.

2) Solutions for site owners that want to make an income from advertising on their websites.
Our easy online signup process allows you, a website owner or webmaster to make your site accessable to our advertisers. All that is required for you is to add some Google Analytics code to your pages, or arrange us view access on your current Google Analytics statistics.

The income you can make is then calculated by Banner Ignition, based on your statistics and the amount of banner spaces made available. It's as simple as that!

More about Banner Ignition
Banner Ignition is a component of the Online Ignition Suite. The Online Ignition suite is the outcome of years of research and development by FGX Studios.

A full scope of the online business needs of clients from various industries have been addressed and ongoing developments and enhancements are at the heart of what we do at FGX - we're solution-driven specialists in everything online. Versatility is a common pulse throughout our products and all the Online Ignition systems are flexible to a wide range of possibilities and applications across all industries and organisations.

All the Ignition components under the Online Ignition umbrella are self-standing solutions that can be acquired individually or in combinations as needed by a client.
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